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A Brief Profile

I am an experienced service and support professional, adviser and administrator with over 10 years of experience in challenging sectors.  I have had the pleasure of working for and alongside leaders of real excellence and have overcome a number of challenges including

  • Moving out of regulatory supervision
  • Project planning relocations and system upgrades
  • Improving communications between customers and organisations

People come to me when they have problems they need sorted out. Sometimes they come to me even when it’s not an area I’m involved in. That tells me I’m good at sorting problems out or helping to put processes in place to sort problems out. My logical mind is ideal in circumstances where the coffee has run out and the stress is rising.

My professional experience also covers

  • Customer support and problem solving, giving best practice advice
  • Project planning and administration
  • Providing training and coaching
  • Creating, revising and storing documentation
  • Support and advocacy

I have substantial experience in dynamic sectors where tight deadlines and regulatory change are the norm. My focus is on understanding the needs of the business to provide appropriate support and training. Understanding the needs of the business enables me to provide the right information to the customer at the right time.

My experience in caring for and resolving issues involving disabled people includes specifying changes to premises and environments to improve access and ensuring NHS agencies and local authorities honour their commitments.

I am a successful problem solver both in and out of the workplace. I am a great believer in equality, engagement, transparency and due process within the workplace without being enslaved by policies and procedures. These days of “processing” customers by following scripts or programmed “training” ignore the needs of the customer.  My approach to customer service is to make the customer feel welcome, reassured that I understand their issues and then think before confirming a course of action with them.  Always let the customer know where they stand when you’re dealing with their problem.

I see so many areas where customer service should be improved, from small outfits to large organisations.  So many organisations seem to have forgotten what “customer service” actually means.  Often this is due to narrow thinking, inflexibility and lack of real leadership and support from management.  Customers are more than just numbers and names to be processed.  Staff are more than just resources to be used.  Good leadership and good management recognise this and engender a culture of flexibility and support which leads to quality and customer satisfaction.