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Welcome to Planet Jamie

I’m a Brummie relocated to London. Working in tech support, my wife and cricket help keep me from going mad 🙂

Here you will find my thoughts on life, work and various other topics.  There are many strings to my bow.  Influences from many people, places and experiences have come together to make me the passionate person I am today, in and out of the workplace.

Come and learn what makes and motivates me.  I believe that there is something that can be learned from everyone we meet, whether in real life or online.  How people behave can be a great lesson to us.

I’m a husband, part nerdy boy, part geek, advisor, campaigner, problem solver, cricket lover and much much more.  I’m passionate about everything I do whether at work or at home.

I am a supporter of the Open Rights Group who work for your online and digital freedom. Find me occasionally on Twitter, Flickr and my blog.